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The development trend of supermarket shelves

Hierarchical display, combined disassembly and assembly structure, convenient and simple installation, easy to move and use. Although these are the advantages of supermarket shelves, if the supermarket shelves want to further expand the market of supermarket shelves, they must find ways to design more beautiful, more convenient, cheaper and better display effects.    Strengthen the stability of supermarket shelves. Supermarket shelves are particularly convenient to install, but the stability of the shelves is a problem. Usually a row of linked supermarket shelves is very stable, and a single one is placed there. The stability is relatively poor. Supermarket shelf factories must work hard on stability. , Design a stronger and firmer shelf.    The display effect should be diversified. Supermarket shelves are mostly displayed in a hierarchical structure, and combined with semi-circular heads, this is the most fancy way to display supermarket shelves. The products on the market are in various shapes and styles, with a wide variety of different styles, novel display effects, and well-decorated display shelves. Supermarket shelves can learn from the various shapes and styles of boutique shelves to design more new styles. The new style of supermarket shelves can adapt to new market needs. Therefore, the supermarket shelf factory strengthens the diversity display effect of the supermarket shelf

Shelf characteristics

1. Beautiful and generous, strong structure, diverse specifications; design style has the style of the times, supermarket shelves are single and double-sided shelves that can be combined with each other, single-sided shelves can be combined with corners, double-sided can be combined with semicircles; layer spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily , Looks noble and generous;   2. Luxurious appearance, elegant colors, integrated with the modern store environment, creating a new concept of business;   3. Heighten the root of the support arm, increase the supporting capacity, increase the width and length of the laminate, and meet the capacity of large-scale shopping malls;   4. The surface is treated with epoxy resin electrostatic spray, which has a variety of colors and has a strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect;    5. Easy to install, any choice of multiple hangers;   6. The column and the footing are welded together, which increases the shelf insurance coefficient, prevents the shelf from gradual change under the weighted state, and eliminates hidden dangers in the shopping mall;   7. Good versatility, equipped with a variety of special accessories for merchandise display, suitable for the needs of comprehensive supermarkets;    8. Surface treatment, shot blasting, derusting, degreasing, and surface spraying.

There are many types of supermarket shelves, according to the size of the supermarket (store) can be divided into

There are many types of supermarket shelves. According to the size of supermarkets (stores), they can be divided into the following categories: 1. Large supermarket shelves (also called hypermarket shelves). The hypermarket has a rich display of goods, so the requirements for shelf load are higher. Its main customers are customers of national hypermarkets. 2. Standard supermarket shelves (also called medium-sized supermarket shelves) The standard super shelf is a shelf specially developed and designed for standard supermarkets. The biggest feature is lightness and beautiful appearance. It does not have the complicated types of accessories like hypermarket shelves, and the display method has also been adjusted accordingly, paying more attention to the display effect of the goods. And humanized display. Its main customers are local chain-type medium-sized supermarkets. 3. Convenience store shelves Convenience store shelves are suitable for convenience stores and drugstores, adopting a tool-less installation concept and easy installation. The biggest feature of the shelf is exquisiteness, lightness, beauty, and strong specialization. Its main customers such as: 7-11, Dehui, etc. supermarket shelves are mainly divided into: 1, single-sided shelf (mainly used for leaning against the wall) 2, double-sided shelves 3, end frame (for both ends of a row of double-sided shelves) With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the display needs of supermarkets, shelf companies have developed a series of special shelves, such as washing shelves, clothing shelves, etc.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing goods in a convenience store?

Develop a catalog of business products The product management catalog is a catalog of all the commodities that a convenience store should operate within its business scope. When formulating a catalog of business commodities, it should consider the source of commodities, market changes, consumer buying habits and requirements, business characteristics, business capabilities, seasonal changes, etc., and determine which are essential commodities and which are within the scope of business. It is necessary to prevent the setting from being too thick, too general, and lack of practical guidance, but also to prevent the setting from being too detailed, too cumbersome, and not conducive to implementation. 2. Preparation of purchase plan The purchase of convenience stores is based on the purchase plan. The purchase plan is based on a thorough investigation and research of market changes, supply conditions, sales dynamics, etc., with reference to the existing storage volume and various changing factors, and the capital occupation is reasonable. In the case of, the regularly proposed plan, including the type, specification, quantity, origin, unit price, model, purchase location, arrival time, etc. of the product. The purchase plan is divided into annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly according to time, and it is generally based on quarters. 3. Sign the purchase contract The signing of the purchase contract is a guarantee for the realization of the purchase plan, and it is also an effective means to strengthen economic cooperation between enterprises, promote both parties to strengthen economic accounting, improve business management, and improve product quality and service quality. 4. Pick up the goods in time, carefully check and accept After completing the purchase procedures, the purchasing personnel should organize the pick-up in time and put the goods on the counter as soon as possible. Local purchases are generally picked up by themselves; for foreign purchases, the means of transportation and transportation routes should be selected according to the principles of "timely, accurate, safe, and economical". Upon arrival, check and accept carefully and put the goods on the counter in time. In the process of organizing foreign purchases, we must pay attention to the principle of "four in, four not in". The "four advances" means that the purchase of goods must meet the requirements of "good, cheap, new, and short". "Four non-purchases" refers to the non-receipt of purchase costs and taxes that are higher than the local retail price; backward products cannot be imported; products that match products and are not imported; products purchased by local wholesale companies in large quantities at the same time cannot be imported. .

Selection of goods at convenience stores

Convenience store product positioning is the most difficult of all retail formats. How to display the most effective products in a store of about 50-100 square meters to maximize the display efficiency of the store. The product positioning of    convenience stores is mainly reflected in the product variety and display. The selection of products is the key to the operation of a convenience store. In some domestic convenience stores, the overall design style and product categories of the store are almost the same as those of 7-11. Even the business hours are the same. They are both 24-hour convenience stores, but if you enter the store, , You will find that there are many problems in the selection and display of goods: 1. The store’s merchandise display utilization rate is insufficient, and there is a serious shortage of merchandise quantity and display space utilization rate. For example, there is a one-meter-square beverage pile at the exit of the store. I thought it was a temporary promotion by the store and the manufacturer. Later I learned that the store felt that the sales of XX mineral water were better, so I built a pile for convenience. Sales. For this kind of behavior, you should know: First of all, convenience stores are generally located in the prosperous areas of the city, and the area is usually less than 100 square meters. It can be said that it is an inch of land and an inch of gold. This wastes the display space of the store, which is actually improving the operation of the store. Cost, the profitability of the store is bound to be affected. 2. On the display surface of the product, there is a phenomenon that the display area of ​​some products is too large. Many products have more than 3 rows of noodles. Such a display also creates an excuse for the monotony of the product variety in the store. As a result, a store that should have about 1,200 products may only have more than 500 products on the shelves. The result is obviously not enough to meet the basic needs of customers patronizing convenience stores. 3. The product type is incorrectly selected. There are a lot of mass sales or mass sales in the convenience store. Since the positioning of the convenience store is for emergency needs, mass-market packaged goods are not within the scope of sales of the convenience store. The choice of goods sold in convenience stores is not “Han Xin’s soldiers, the more the better.” To sell this kind of goods, the price of the convenience store will inevitably be much higher than that of the large-scale comprehensive supermarket. It is not competitive. The behavior of avoiding one's strengths will lead to the psychology of shopping fraud in customers. The display of mass merchandise on the shelves of convenience stores will not only fail to obtain good sales, but will also waste the effective display surface of the store, which will further affect the normal operating performance of the store. 4. There is a large area of ​​vacancy on the shelves of the store. The result behind this phenomenon is nothing more than: (1) The distribution center is not delivering in time; (2) Insufficient products purchased in the purchasing department; (3) The tally staff did not replenish the goods in time. The consequences of these three problems will inevitably affect store sales and image. What is the impact of a store with empty shelves on customers? Not only does the customer return without success this time, but it may also be that the customer will never come to this store to shop. Therefore, we must be highly vigilant against such phenomena. 5. For the selection of certain main products, such as Dove chocolate, from 47G to gift boxes, milk flavors to hazelnut flavors, the full range of varieties makes large retail stores also staggering. The goods sold in convenience stores are not meant to serve everyone. You cannot meet all the needs of all customers. The services of large stores will be focused. If small convenience stores are "volume sales", regardless of size, product variety, personnel, etc. not allowed. Convenience stores only need to satisfy their target customer groups. There is no need to compete with other mass merchandisers or large-scale special markets to win customers. Faced with many of the above phenomena and problems, they can also be seen in some domestic stores. The market positioning of convenience stores is the basis for the success of a store. We should take the store positioning seriously, and expand the concept of accurate positioning into every chain store to clearly define the goal of our store.
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